Here’s the real issue

USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS OBAMAWhat did anyone think of the dress?

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9 Responses to Here’s the real issue

  1. janeellentigan says:

    OMG! Hilarious…i’ve been waiting for someone to mention it, for fear of exposing my petty opinion.

    did she think it was superhero night? ohhhhh…i’m mean

  2. elizabeth jeanne says:

    I LOVED the dress. I think she is SASSY, daring and delightful. Like we need to see another first lady dressed in Lands End and Chanel. while JackieO wore chanel with class, I think this first Lady is going to be pushing it a little bit. I really hope they don’t talk her out of her wardrobe…
    here’s a link with more pics etc…

  3. b9 says:

    I just had to check out some blogs today and I did see the word black widow spider mentioned Jane so you aren’t the first one to say something mean.
    I liked the fashiotribes link, Elizabeth, which mentions that every fashionista has a mistep once in awhile. But the dress was not properly constructed even. There were puckers on the left side.

  4. tiganfamily says:

    I mumbled to myself…”What in God’s name is she wearing?!” Then I wondered if it came in blue…
    I didn’t notice the “puckers”, my eyes were all welled up…
    It’s obvious that she didn’t spend as much on clothes as Sarah Palin…

  5. tiganfamily says:

    I agree with Elizabeth….I think she is daring and sassy. I am all for someone thinking outside of the “first lady” box when it comes to fashion. And thank God for someone willing to wear a little color other than pastels. The dress may have been loud and a little bizarre…but we’re all blogging about it so it made an impression and one that says..”Hey world I’m confident, strong and not afraid to be me”…Go Michelle Obama!

  6. janeellentigan says:

    Daring and sassy, and a little superhero-ish. In some ways, it was superhero night.

    It’ll be really interesting to see what she does with her position as first lady. I’m fascinated by the role the first lady can have and I wouldn’t be surprised if the responsibilities and issues she develops as ‘hers’ make her legacy historic. Eleanor Roosevelt? I think our time could use it!

  7. uncle john's band says:

    I thought it was hideous. My first thought was that she and her “people” had not looked at it very well. It really emphasized her lower belly, the way some jeans do on much older(or heavier) women.
    I think she is an attractive woman but that dress was a BAD choice!

    Just one mans opinion.

  8. john says:

    I loved it. LOVED IT. I’ve heard “hell dress” but i think its “Michelle Dress”. Shes bold – shes beautiful and she could melt us all with her brain. I dont know.. I didnt give it a whole lot of thought when I saw it – except this – “DAY-AMMN”. What can anyone say? She could wear Pat Robinson’s sweatpants and Nixon/Agnew t-shirt and look great. I thought she pulled it off. Fierce. Power – IN CHARGE.

  9. janeellentigan says:


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